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A RESEPI for remote sensing success

RESEPI LiDAR point cloud

Level Five Supplies is pleased to announce a new supplier partnership with trailblazing positioning, navigation and orientation solution providers, Inertial Labs. 

Creating cutting-edge inertial solutions for land, air and sea for the last 20 years, Inertial Labs is at the forefront of developing and customising products for exciting technologies that include Inertial Measuring, Magnetic Compensation, GNSS TrackingLiDAR Scanning, Optical Image Processing, Acoustic, Ultra-wideband RF, and Celestial/Solar Compassing.

As sensor fusion consultants and engineers, they design and develop high-quality products with world-beating price-performance ratios, approaching each project as a partnership, working collaboratively to finetune each development stage from concept through testing. This philosophy has lead to strong client relationships and industry-leading inertial products and integrations at the pinnacle of advancing position and orientation technologies.

Remote sensing taken to another level

LiDAR Remote Sensing Payload Instrument (RESEPI) is compatible with numerous LiDAR systems
RESEPI integrates with leading LiDAR brands

Level Five Supplies is the UK distributor for their LiDAR Remote Sensing Payload Instrument (RESEPI). RESEPI is an affordable solution for extremely accurate remote sensing applications; a compact, low power, lightweight system, designed to fit the size and power requirements of any project allowing your drone to fly longer and collect more data. It is compatible with the key commercially available LiDAR sensors, including Ouster

“Inertial Labs are breaking new ground in world of remote sensing with the RESEPI system, and we’re delighted to be able to introduce it to the UK market”, said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five Supplies.

“They have a track record of pushing the boundaries with their product development and RESEPI is no exception. Aerial surveying and mapping become massively more efficient and cost-effective with the use of this solution, which can only benefit the commercial viability of those businesses using it.”