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Autonomy Grant Awards Programme

These small community micro-grants will be awarded on a regular basis, to educational organisations, clubs or community groups to help them deliver inspiring activities supporting the next generation of roboticists, computer vision engineers, students, researchers, or scientists.

There are no restrictions on age group or geography, and aim to contribute to groups that struggle to find funding (although might already be popular).

We actively encourage teachers, free meetup event or community event organisers to reach out, so if you are involved in a voluntary group, code club, educational cohort or science class, keep reading.

Funds could be used for robotics kits, sensor packs, training materials, contributing towards some technology to run better free meetups and events (such as a projector, or shared hardware resources like a 3D printer) or preparation to enter organised competitions, such as AVC Sparkfun, Student Robotics, Formula Pi, etc.

You must have a website (or at the very least a page on your organisation’s website) and an active group of people involved, running, taking part or planning to take part in education-orientated events and talking about the events or activities for the benefit of others (social media, online, in local press, on podcasts or YouTube, etc).

  • The group must have been active for at least 6 months
  • The activities must be related to autonomous ground vehicles
  • There is no deadline for applications
  • One application per group per year
  • No geographic restrictions – we will accept applications from anywhere in the world.
  • You must tell us how funds will be used, and who will benefit
  • Grants vary in value between US$150 and US$500
  • We prefer to provide funding for hardware via an Amazon wishlist, or invoice through a single supplier.
  • We won’t fund travel, training courses, venue hire, food and drink, software, event entry, wages.

Small amounts of money make huge impacts on voluntary, educational and community groups, whose organisers are passionate, knowledgeable unpaid volunteers, often subsidising activities from their own pocket.

If you’re in such a group and not the organiser, please talk to the organiser before getting in touch!

To apply, complete the form on the contact us page.  Be sure to include as much information as possible, including relevant links, and if you’re successful then we’ll be in touch.

We’ll publish details of grants made, the recipients, and the results of the impacts we make.