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Best Blogs to Read About Autonomous Car Technology

Self-Driving Cars on

This blog is edited by Udacity’s Head of Self Driving Car – David Silver

Really this is David’s show, and while there are many other occasional contributors, Silver writes with enthusiasm, good humour and powerful insights garnered by his unique position in the industry at the crow-roads between student learners, technology businesses and the car manufacturers.

EE Times’ Junko Yoshida

Get your geek on with informed and highly technical hardware insight with this brilliant writer, whose technical awareness, interviews and technology appraisals are informative and robust.

Junko specialises in the hardware side of things in the supply chain, bringing a critical eye to current and future developments in semiconductors, processors and sensors, as well as moves and acquisitions in the main players around the industry.

Brad Templeton’s Robocars

Software developer, philosopher, consultant, dreamer, Templeton enjoys a heady status as one of the influential generation that popularised wider use of the internet well before the web came along.

A dedicated fan of self driving cars for more than 20 years, his blog, updates and many articles and essays on the subject are an essential read, especially if you want to avoid embarrassing questions and take a walk through the mind of someone who has worked through logical flaws, economic principles and commercial opportunities for years before most of us had even heard about the technology.

Driverless Future by Dr. Alexander Hars

A mere baby, having only been blogging on the subject since 2011, Hars’ regular updates, opinion and commentary from the European perspective serves to frame a more international picture.  Writing in Germany, in his second language (impressive considering most of us probably couldn’t write so well even in our first), it’s a handy blog to have on your radar.



It might sound like something out of a comic book studio, but this public relations project, financially underwritten by one of the largest technology suppliers in the automotive sector, has become a genuinely impressive source of news, new features, interviews, guest blogs and information.

Slightly anomalous on this list because it’s very much a community effort rather than from one single keyboard, it showcases a lot of the best industry expertise through a mix of donated, industry supported and commissioned content.

Put aside your natural cynicism about who pays the bills, 2025AD is editorially robust, technically reliable and is well on the way to developing the best library of thought leadership online.

Driving Towards Driverless Cars by Lauren Isaac

Closing off our list, at least for now, is this personal blog from one of the senior team at Easymile, developers of the successful driverless minibus seen deployed in so many public environments all over the world.  Apart from David Silver, Lauren’s place on this list is helped by that unique insight of having helped deliver a commercial autonomous vehicle, in multiple countries, and working with governments around the world to help understand what needs to change to enable this evolution to take place.

First-hand insights from the driverless coal face mean that the blog is a helpful touch-point for anyone thinking about strategy and public engagement.

We’re steering away going into lots of technical details, but if you are learning the technology, there are plenty of autonomous vehicle learning resources and projects that you can access, so check out our Top 5 Autonomous Vehicle Learning Tools.