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Coronavirus – working adjustments

Looking after our team and their families takes priority over everything else, so we are taking a sensible step back from working in a centralised office location for the time being.  Already, many meetings have taken place remotely or online, so for all of us, this is merely an adjustment period to explore and accept a new range of ways to work – including enjoying the company of our pets.

This week, our team has dispersed from the central office and will work remotely, with our main phone number redirecting to a senior member of the team.   When we return to a single location, it will be in our new facility at Frome Business Park.  This will be an exciting step up in a number of ways, not least cleanliness and security (since the facility has been redeveloped as a major DNA testing facility, which we’ll be hosted inside) as we continue or journey to achieving ISO 9001 later this year.

We are still on hand to deal with customer sales and support enquiries and will continue engaging with our growing customer base online, by phone and email.

Our new LiDAR training courses, like all of the events we had planned to attend in the Spring months, has been postponed until the Autumn.  We’re also planning webinars and online demonstrations to help engage with new audiences we’d otherwise meet at tradeshows and events.

Order processing and fulfilment will continue as usual, and we’ll continue to work with our friends at FedEx to move around goods, while we take much more significant hygiene precautions near anything which will come in to contact with anyone else.