Counter-Coronavirus products

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley

5th May 2020

Output from SENSR-I

As a small technology company, we – like many other businesses – are working hard to survive the changes that impact our immediate business environment. We don’t work in the health sector, but we are keen to leverage our expertise to provide appropriate UAV and spatially aware products which are in line with the needs of our customers in the research, security and policing sectors, and are launching three new products into our market place to support the fight against and eventual rebound from the impact of Coronavirus.

The SENSR-I software system, ideally paired with high-resolution Ouster Lidar sensors, has now been upgraded to offer social distance monitoring without collecting personally identifiable information, meaning the safety of open areas can be maintained without the need for personal rights to be infringed. Already deployed throughout major parts of South Korea, where Coronavirus has been widely controlled, social distancing is accepted as here to stay. The system can be easily integrated with many existing VMS and has a powerful and flexible API.

Our new Digital Eagle SK62F Anti-virus drone is equipped with a remotely triggered dropping system for deliveries, loudspeaker, recording camera, in addition to an optional sprayer for disinfectant (CAA operator or law enforcement permit required). Holders of exemptions to the recent update on BVLOS flight may operate this drone beyond the visual line of sight.

Lastly, Aspect 3D – our volumetric video system, offers to live performers the ability to reach into the realms of VR and deliver live performance like never before. We will be working quickly to develop this system further and help bring live entertainment back to a much deeper level of engagement than simple video has ever been able to achieve.

If you have any comments or questions about these products or our other activities, please contact us.