smartmicro Automotive Radar Sensor: UMRR-96 Type 153

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Smartmicro UMRR-96 Type 153 Automotive Radar Sensor
Small, lightweight and robust, UMRR-96 from smartmicro is a low-cost 77-81 GHz radar sensor for parking and Level 4 autonomous vehicles. Well-suited to adverse conditions, the sensor is unaffected by weather, independent of sunlight, and withstands high shock and vibration levels. UMRR-96 allows users to switch between short, medium and long-range modes, altering waveform and detection performance. Plug and Play cable to connect to Pow, Eth (1.8m) is available as an optional extra.

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smartmicro Automotive Radar Sensor: UMRR-96 Type 153
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