Quanergy M1 2D LiDAR sensor – mid to long range

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Quanergy M1 2D LiDAR sensor
M1™ is a next-generation 2D industrial LiDAR sensor from Quanergy, designed for mid to long-range, high precision measurement applications. Providing up to 200 metres range, and delivering 75% more data per second with extremely fine angular resolution down to 0.033°, M1 offers high-density point cloud data to reliably detect and measure objects with pinpoint accuracy. A 360° field of view maximises the coverage area for a single sensor. Its low weight and compact form factor compact allow easy installation in tight, limited spaces, and IP69K rating protects against dust and water ingress for deployment in indoor and outdoor industrial environments.
  • Industry-leading angular resolution of 0.033° and 360° coverage, 7.5x finer resolution than existing industrial sensors, enabling best in class measurement
  • Detect objects up to 200 metres at 80% reflectivity, 70 metres at 10% reflectivity, ideal for complex outdoor applications
  • Up to 75% more data per second provides high-density, high-resolution point cloud data
  • Rated up to IP69K against dust and water ingress
  • 50% smaller in size and three times lighter than competing sensors, capable of mounting and installing on a wide variety of platforms requiring a compact footprint

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