Quanergy M1 Edge – Smart 2D LiDAR

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Quanergy M1 Edge 2D LiDAR
Integrated with Quanergy’s proprietary smart object detection software, QORTEX Aware™, M1 Edge™ is a 2D LiDAR sensor able to automatically collect, analyse and interpret point cloud data without the need for additional programming. An out-of-the-box smart sensing solution ideal for applications requiring simple object detection and alerting capabilities, or collision avoidance and smart navigation, M1 Edge monitors user-defined detection zones, triggering an alarm on the sensor’s digital output if there is any activity within these areas.  Eight pre-figures evaluation fields can be created, each with up to three detection zones, where the evaluation field is selected via the sensor’s digital output.
  • Industry-leading angular resolution of 0.033° and 360° FoV, 7.5x finer resolution than existing industrial sensors, enabling best in class measurement
  • Detect objects up to 200 metres at 80% reflectivity, 70 metres at 10% reflectivity, ideal for complex industrial applications, with less than 3cm accuracy
  • Complete hardware and QORTEX Aware detection software integration reduces development costs, enables swift deployment, while flexible configuration supports a range of applications
  • Three digital inputs and three digital outputs support up to eight dynamically selectable evaluation fields, with up to three configurable detection zones within each field

Smart 2D LiDAR Solution

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