French LiDAR processing experts join Level Five Supplies’ technology suite

Jon Hall

27th May 2022

Ouster LiDAR connected to Outsight's Augmented LiDAR Box

For system integrators who want to jump-start taking advantage of LiDAR, we have good news – Outsight, the leading LiDAR processing company, is now working with Level Five Supplies.

Outsight’s mission is to make LiDAR-based spatial intelligence become plug and play, so it can be used by developers of applications, in a wide variety of markets.

Outsight Augmented LiDAR Box
Outsight Augmented LiDAR Box

They developed the Augmented LiDAR Box©, the industry’s first software pre-processor for 3D data, which performs all the essential features required to integrate LiDAR into any project – 3D SLAM, object detection and tracking, segmentation and classification – with any LiDAR.

An efficient stream of actionable information

Outsight’s Edge AI software processes significant amounts of raw 3D LiDAR data in real-time, providing an efficient stream of actionable information in a standard, open format, enabling transformative solutions.  All of this power is contained in a compact, sensor agnostic device that integrates seamlessly into vehicles and infrastructure. 

‘LiDAR is a very capable sensor, but sometimes system builders want to focus on their customer experience, the engineering to integrate a system into a wider network, or simply focus on other less-complex sensors,’ says Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five Supplies.

‘That presents a problem for those who understand LiDAR can offer a step-change in system capability because well-informed customers can understand the benefits accurate 3D sensing can bring.’

‘Outsight is one of the recognised leaders in LiDAR processing, so we are delighted to bring them on board – an ideal pairing with many of the LiDAR manufacturers we work with, and this new partnership will help our customers accelerate their use of LiDAR.’

Level Five Supplies – your LiDAR partner

Level Five Supplies offers a comprehensive portfolio of LiDAR products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers ensuring that you can find the perfect sensing solution for your application.