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German Mobile Robotics Innovator to Partner with Level Five Supplies

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Level Five Supplies is pleased to announce its latest supplier partnership with German manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems, Neobotix. The company’s sensor interface systems are critical to the holistic approach needed in the development of autonomous vehicles.

Ultrasonic sensors are used to measure the distance to objects within the sensor’s metering range. The metering principle is based on measuring the time of flight of a sound pulse. This pulse is created by the sensor, reflected by an object and then received by the sensor. Read more about ultrasonic sensors.

Neobotix’s USBoard allows researchers and developers to add up to 16 Bosch Parkpilot URF6 ultrasonic sensors to their system, providing autonomous cars and robots with crucial information about their environment. The sensors can be mounted wherever needed to fill blind spots that would otherwise not be covered.

“We are looking forward to working with a company that has shown outstanding capabilities and attitude towards engineering in their field, as well as exhibiting a commercial and technical commitment to seeing their products in all types of ADAS and autonomous vehicle development,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five Supplies.

“This ultrasonic system has been the defacto interface for autonomous vehicle and mobile robotics development for some time, so we are delighted to add it to our portfolio of complementary products, dramatically simplifying researchers’ mission to add short-range sensors to computer-controlled platforms.”

The complete kit as sold from Level Five Supplies includes the USBoard and GUI software, 16x Bosch Park Pilot URF6 ultrasonic sensors, mounting, cabling and connectors.

“We are happy to be working with Level Five Supplies thanks to their growing visibility and market penetration in the UK, which remains an important country for technology research in mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles,” said Florian Vohr, CTO of Neobotix. “Our products in their hands will help our growth in the market, as well as lay the foundation for our other mobile robotics products to be more widely used. Level Five is a company with big plans, so it was an easy decision to join their supplier family.”

Neobotix is one of several global technology manufacturers working with Level Five Supplies to deliver the best products for your autonomous technology projects at an affordable price point. See all manufacturers and all products from Neobotix.