Unintended Start Prevention

Stops accidental powertrain engagement by adding conditions to when the power unit can be engaged. Where powertrains are controlled by wire (i.e. electric, hybrid, automatic start-stop or start-by-button), vehicles must put more restriction in to prevent accident over-ride of control by humans or other systems. A typical system may require… read more


Computer game engine with advanced world-building, simulation and multi-platform deployment capabilities – making it a popular and accessible research and development tool for autonomous vehicle technologies.

Vehicle to Everything – V2X

Communications between vehicles and other undefined devices, such as smartphone, internet of things sensors, road infrastructure, intelligent signage, health and occupancy monitoring systems, etc. May include communications to other devices and even vehicles via the cloud (decentralised network at multiple hosting locations), dedicated hosting systems at central locations (i.e. for… read more

Vehicle to Infrastructure – V2I

System of communication between transport systems, such as road condition monitoring, traffic systems, authorities, data centres, emergency services – and vehicles. Likely to rely on 4G and later 5G mobile technologies and enable better response between transport systems (such as automated traffic routing and public transport provision) to demand in… read more

Vehicle to Vehicle – V2V

Vehicle to Vehicle communication conveys information between sensor-equipped vehicles about speed, traffic conditions, road quality or other safety-critical data. As an evolving suite of ideas, most V2V communication is restricted to vehicles from the same manufacturer or using the same software systems while industry standards develop. In some cases, a… read more

Wrong Way Driving

A system that warns the driver when they are travelling into the wrong direction, for example on a one-way street or multi-lane road. Typically uses a Traffic Sign Recognition system to detect wrong-way traffic sign indicators, but may also use GPS sensors and navigation data.