Automatic Emergency Braking – Rear

The system automatically performs emergency braking if it detects a person or an obstacle dangerously close to the rear of the reversing vehicle. Automatic emergency braking (rear) is based on rear-facing ultrasonic sensors and may be augmented by radar or cameras because it can be difficult to see pedestrians, small… read more

Automatic Headlight Control

When driving at night or in a tunnel, this system automatically activates the headlights. Outside of built-up areas, it should also automatically switch on the high beams as long as it does not detect any vehicles ahead or any oncoming traffic via the video sensor. This means the road ahead… read more

Automatic Parking System

Automatic Parking Systems are designed to help a driver park. Some perform the entire job automatically, from detection of free spaces to autonomously finding and parking, while others simply provide advice so that the driver knows when to turn the steering wheel and when to stop. Most accidents occur when… read more

Automatic Start Stop

Shuts the engine off when the vehicle is at a standstill, in traffic or at a junction for example, restarting it when the driver engages the accelerator. Automatically managed in hybrid cars, which typically switch to electric-only power at low speeds, diesel and petrol cars rely on either a main… read more

Autonomous vehicle

A vehicle that is capable of driving itself, typically classified at levels 3, 4, or 5 for driving automation.


Software brand of Tesla, includes ADAS and autonomous driving functions. Version 9 (2018 release) includes more advanced self-driving features.