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Introducing Stencil Pro

Kaarta Stencil Pro Mobile Mapping Solution

Rugged, versatile and ready for the most challenging of environments, Kaarta’s recently released professional-grade mobile mapping system, Stencil Pro, is the new leader in the field of real-time mobile 3D reality capture.

Exceptional Dimensional and Visual Fidelity

Stencil Pro is an all in one mobile mapping system to scan, process and view capture data in real-time, with four 8MP cameras providing high-definition 4K 360° panoramic imagery, and a 32 channel high-density, low noise LiDAR capturing 3D point clouds.  A range of 200 metres combined with a data rate of 600,000 points per second results in a mapping platform capable of delivering highly accurate 3D models in minutes, whether indoors or outdoors, in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Stencil Pro render of San Diego Old Town
A Stencil Pro render of Old Town San Diego

Rugged and Ready for Action

Rugged design and an IP65 rating make Stencil Pro suitable for the most challenging of environments, successfully capturing data in poor weather, dusty locations, and underground situations.   This strength and versatility mean that this is an ideal solution for a range of applications, mobile surveying, infrastructure mapping, mining, forestry, earthworks, construction, and other high-risk locations, whether handheld or mounted on a vehicle. 

Data capture and processing is simple thanks to an intuitive user interface, with one-button scanning, real-time scan monitoring and streamlined post-processing options for maximizing data clarity and usability.  Remote operation with a touchscreen monitor allows for Stencil Pro to be mounted on a range of vehicles, and, when handheld, scan status can be started and stopped with the press of a button

Kaarta stencil Pro mounted on a vehicle
Stencil Pro can be handheld or mounted to a vehicle


The system’s SLAM capabilities enable it to operate in areas where GNSS is denied – such as indoors, underground, under the canopy, or in urban canyons – and is also fully geo-enabled for applications where the addition of a GNSS signal is essential.  To amplify the fidelity of greater scale scans, GNSS positioning data is used to align and geo-register data, also affording global accuracy.

The onboard GNSS and colour cameras are fully integrated into real-time capture, enabling optimisation of collected data as well as flexibility in output; absolute positioning and accuracy team up with the 360° imaging to produce true colour, rich and robust point clouds.  However, if a colourised point cloud is not necessary, or GNSS is unavailable, then reliance on other sensors is seamless.

Render of a railway including GNSS position
Render of a railway including GNSS data

“Billions of dollars of commercial real estate transactions, construction projects, infrastructure maintenance and natural resource management decisions rely on understanding existing conditions data,” said Kevin Dowling, CEO at Kaarta 

“Obtaining up-to-date data for these environments is laborious, time-consuming and expensive with current methods. Even in the most challenging scenarios, Stencil Pro rapidly provides the answers needed for managers to make informed decisions.”

Level Five Supplies is delighted to announce that we now supply Kaarta’s Stencil Pro.   The value of the system is unquestionable, delivering scale and capabilities at a fraction of the investment required for traditional mobile mappers.  That value can be even greater if you trade up your current Kaarta system through the Trade-Up program.

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