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Level Five Supplies Becomes Kaarta Mobile Mapping Distributor

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Level Five Supplies has partnered with US-based Kaarta as an official distributor of its leading-edge 3D mobile scanning systems. As seen on BBC Click and Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet, Kaarta builds hardware for engineers and architects to map spaces in real time.

Kaarta bridges the gap between the physical and digital world with its mobile 3D reality capture, ideal for use within architectural, geospatial and autonomous robotics applications. The company is known for its three core products: Stencil, Contour and Traak. 

Level Five Supplies is working with Kaarta to supply
Contour and Stencil 2. The former, Contour, is an all-in-one mobile 3D colour scanning and processing system that enables 3D modelling from input to output in real time. This offers a considerable speed advantage compared to terrestrial laser scanners, along with the flexibility to capture tight and complicated spaces.

The latter, Stencil 2, is a versatile and economical platform for swift, long-range mobile mapping. The computer is small enough to fit in your hand, yet powerful enough to process and view any of the data it captures, mapping spaces quickly and easily with a 100-metre range.

office space 3d model
Colour point cloud of office space captured in under 10 minutes with Kaarta Contour

“Kaarta is a disruptive technology company, offering some of the best-integrated LiDAR and imaging systems on the market for surveying and building modelling,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five Supplies. “The team have invested considerable efforts in developing best-in-class SLAM through the Traak, featuring the well-known Velodyne Lidar sensors – which is an ideal tool for developers of autonomous vehicles to accelerate their development.”

“Rounding out Kaarta’s products, which Level Five will promote initially in to the UK and Eire markets, the Stencil and Contour will help revolutionise surveying and understanding of built environments, and we’ve already had strong interest from several customers to book in demonstrations and explore the impressive resolution and speed of 3D reconstruction that these products offer.”

“We’re delighted to add Kaarta to the Level Five family of suppliers, and are excited to continue adding world-class products to our product portfolio.”

Stencil 2-32, the newest iteration of Kaarta’s Stencil product line, is also powered by Velodyne Lidar, developed to create a full 360-degree environmental view for use in autonomous vehicles, industrial machinery, 3D mapping and surveillance. The data generated can be used for a range of other applications, including BIM modelling, geospatial data analytics and cataloging tools. 

“We are pleased to welcome Level Five Supplies as our distributor,” said Wade Sheen, VP of Sales and Business Development at Kaarta. “Level Five Supplies’ experience at bringing new technology products into the UK market is a great match for Kaarta’s innovative and advanced mobile 3D mapping and localisation systems.”

We look forward to working with Kaarta to deliver its cutting-edge products to developers of robotics and autonomous systems. See all Kaarta products here, along with other LiDAR solutions.