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Level Five Supplies Partners With Leading Navigation Systems Developer

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Level Five Supplies has formed a new supplier partnership with Advanced Navigation, a leading developer of advanced navigation systems. Based in Australia, the company has specialised expertise across a broad range of fields, including sensors, GNSS, inertial navigation, RF technologies, acoustics, robotics, AI and algorithms. Among its clients are NASA, Tesla, Thales, BAE Systems and Airbus.

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Spatial Dual miniature GPS-aided INS & AHRS

Level Five Supplies will act as a distributor on behalf of Advanced Navigation, supplying autonomous vehicle R&D projects with its MEMS GNSS/INS range. Accurate positioning, velocity, acceleration and orientation under demanding conditions are all critical requirements in the development of self-driving cars. These products have been designed from the ground up for mission-critical control applications where reliability is very important.

“Positioning technology is essential for autonomy, robotics and the future of transport on land, on and under the sea and in the air, whether you’re working on oil rigs, construction sites, monitoring infrastructure, surveying or driverless cars,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five. “Advanced Navigation has a dedicated team of engineers working to create exceptional products aimed to make it easy for end-users and system integrators. We’re really excited to be partnering with a company that agrees with our core principles of outstanding quality and market-beating value.”

“We’re delighted to have Level Five Supplies as our distributor,” said Romain Pare, Head of Marketing at Advanced Navigation. “Our Inertial Navigation Systems integrate well in their product range and their knowledge of the UK Autonomous Systems market makes for a great partnership.”

Learn more about Advanced Navigation – watch the video:

We look forward to representing Advanced Navigation both in the UK and internationally and to working with a company that has shown a commercial and technical commitment to seeing their products used in autonomous vehicle development.

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