Level Five to demonstrate counter-terrorism tech to European governments

Jon Hall

28th July 2020

Alex Lawrence Berkeley CEO Level Five Supplies holding an Ouster LiDAR unit

A team from Level Five Supplies will travel to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius to demonstrate a system that can help improve situational awareness for law enforcement agencies protecting crowds against terrorist attacks.

Next Generation Sensor Technology

Designed for use in security, smart cities and area monitoring, the SENSR software engine adds next-generation accurate sensing to security networks.  When fused with an Ouster LiDAR sensor SENSR enables the detection, classification and counting of pedestrians, two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles across complex spaces, indoors or outdoors, day or night.  The flexibility and power of the system have also led it to be deployed in urban areas recently to monitor social distancing.

Level Five Supplies was shortlisted from a total of 119 submissions, with the large majority of companies from the UK, highlighting the importance of the international market to high-growth employers. Technologies will be demonstrated in host cities across Europe, in Spain, Romania, Greece and the Netherlands, with results shared across Europe.

Business Transformation

“It’s great news to further extend our reach outside the domestic market”, said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, company founder “100% of our sales in June were export, mostly to Europe but also to Asia and South America, so to be invited to deliver this demonstration which could be transformative to the business shows there’s considerable promise in the return to normal trading.”

The PRoTECT project aims to strengthen local authorities’ capabilities in Public Protection by putting in place an overarching concept where tools, technology, training and field demonstrations will lead to situational awareness and improve direct responses to secure public places pre, in, and after a terrorist threat.

Alex concluded, “Horizon 2020, the EU programme which is funding this project, has been a mainstay of science and technology development in the UK for many years, and although headquartered in the UK, we remain a committed European company supporting our friends and industrial partners around the continent.”