LiDAR Applications – Automotive and mobility

LiDAR applications | automotive and mobility

ADAS and ADS | Shuttles and Robotaxis | Last-mile delivery and AGV

Transportation safety and efficiency are undergoing a radical transformation with the introduction of new levels of automation in the automotive industry.

The industry’s strict, growing requirements for performance, reliability, and commercial viability demand standards that cannot be met by just radar and cameras.

Digital LiDAR technology provides high-resolution 3D information about the environment, extensively enhancing the performance, safety and dependability of ADAS and AD systems.


High performance, cost-effective, high-resolution 3D LiDAR sensors designed for mass deployment. The Level Five Supplies range of automotive-grade perception systems satisfy the safety, reliability and scalability requirements for L2+ autonomous driving.

Luminar's Iris LiDAR

Luminar’s Iris LiDAR

Iris is the most advanced LiDAR perceptions solution for series-production autonomy, solving the problem of reliable, long-range sensory perception for real-world, safe-driving vehicle systems. From autonomous motorway driving to full autonomy in urban areas, Iris is configurable with one, or multiple, perception enhanced LiDAR sensors to fit consumer and commercial application requirements. This efficient automotive-grade, low-cost package is for series production programs beginning in 2022.

Ouster OS2 long range LiDAR

Ouster OS2-128

The second-generation OS2-128 long-range LiDAR offers a leading combination of price, range and reliability. Engineered for performance and priced for large-scale deployment, its tight beam spacing and high beam density deliver sharp 3D images with 240 m range, well-suited to highway-speed autonomous driving. OS2-128 is designed to withstand the stress of all-weather environments with an IP rating of IP68/IP69K.




ROS compatible, automotive-grade laser scanner, Valeo’s SCALA gen 2 LiDAR offers an increased vertical field of view and angular resolution from the previous generation. The kit contains all of the hardware required to connect to a PC Ethernet port, along with the decoder software. SCALA is designed and built to comply with the strict specifications of the automotive industry, and for volume production.

Shuttles and Robotaxis

Revolutionising urban transport, automated shuttles and robotaxis will make everyday travelling safer, greener and more convenient.  The environments in which these platforms operate necessitate high levels of 360° perception performance and faultless reliability.  Any solutions must offer scalability for fleets to be deployed around the globe.

Outer OS1 LiDAR sensor stands up to challenging envionments

Ouster OS1-64

Ouster is bringing 3D sensing to the masses with its sturdy and dependable high-resolution LiDAR sensors – transforming advanced technologies into practical, scalable solutions. Its second-generation OS1-64 is capable of counting and storing over one trillion photons per second into on-chip memory and is already in use by hundreds of customers in the autonomous vehicle industry.

SICK MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor


An efficient, all-around 3D LiDAR sensor with a robust enclosure for outdoor deployment, the MRS1000 is a multilayer laser scanner that reliably and accurately detects and measures objects swiftly, in multiple dimensions. A 275° horizontal FoV consisting of four layers enables large volumes of data to be collected from different angles, making MRS1000 ideally suited to outdoor navigation and collision avoidance applications.


Last-mile delivery and AGV

Last-mile delivery and AGV

Compact form factor and low power consumption are key considerations when choosing LiDAR sensors for automated guided vehicles (AGV) and last-mile delivery platforms.

Quanergy M8-Prime 3D LiDAR sensor

Quanergy M8-Prime

A high performance 3D LiDAR sensor providing pinpoint accuracy of 0.033-0.132°, capturing significant amounts for data with 1.3M points per second from three returns. M8-Prime allows users to add its sensor API code into their software program or application, making it swift and simple to configure settings.  While it’s compact, robust form factor, IP69K rating and industrial rated M12 connector enable easy installation in the most challenging of environments.

Blickfeld Cube 1 Outdoor

Blickfeld Cube 1 outdoor

The world’s smallest solid-state 3D LiDAR sensor for wide FoV applications in all environments. Providing high-quality data even in adverse environmental conditions such as rain, fog, and snow, Cube 1 Outdoor has all the power and versatility of Cube 1, but with IP65-rated housing designed for demanding applications that require a sensing solution impervious to dust and water.


Ouster OS0 ultra wide field of view LiDAR

Ouster OS0-32

With its 90º vertical field of view and minimum range of zero, this second-generation OS0 ultra-wide view digital LiDAR sensor from Ouster allows you to see more, creating uniformly spaced point clouds and pixel-aligned 2D camera images. Lightweight and modular, this ultra-wide view LiDAR sensor seamlessly integrates into your vehicle, drone or robot, with built-in IMU for SLAM algorithm support.

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