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LiDAR is a key technology in Industry 4.0

Off-highway and farming | Material handling and logistics | Robot platforms and drones

High-performance 2D and 3D LiDAR sensors and perception software play a key role in automating critical processes, increasing accuracy and efficiency in mining, farming, logistics and a host of essential industries. With the supply chain continuing to face challenges, the power of automation becomes even greater and more necessary.

A rugged, adaptable and highly scalable sensing solution, LiDAR enables navigation for AGVs, UGVs, UAVs, mobile robots and industrial vehicles, while contributing to the safety and security of pedestrians within hazardous environments.

Off-highway and farming

Resistance to dust, darkness and challenging environmental conditions means that LiDAR is perfectly suited to off-highway and agricultural applications.  From autonomous tractors, combine harvesters, excavators and haulage vehicles, to livestock monitoring to precision farming, LiDAR sensors increase safety and efficiency, optimising operations.

Ouster OS1 mid range LiDAR

Ouster OS1-32

Ouster is bringing 3D sensing to the masses with its sturdy and dependable high-resolution LiDAR sensors – transforming advanced technologies into practical, scalable solutions. Rugged, reliable, and cost effective, the OS1 series offers all around performance, ideal fore powering safety and automation in mining, agricultural, construction, and logistics. High-resolution digital LiDAR has never been more accessible.

Blickfeld Cube 1 Outdoor IP65 rated enclosure

Blickfeld Cube 1 outdoor

The world’s smallest solid-state 3D LiDAR sensor for wide FoV applications in all environments. Providing high-quality data even in adverse environmental conditions such as rain, fog, and snow, Cube 1 Outdoor has all the power and versatility of Cube 1, but with IP65-rated housing designed for demanding applications that require a sensing solution impervious to dust and water.

Luminar's Iris LiDAR

Luminar’s Iris LiDAR

Iris is the most advanced LiDAR perceptions solution for series-production autonomy, solving the problem of reliable, long-range sensory perception for real-world, safe-driving vehicle systems. From autonomous motorway driving to full autonomy in urban areas, Iris is configurable with one, or multiple, perception enhanced LiDAR sensors to fit consumer and commercial application requirements.

Material handling and logistics

As pressure mounts on the supply chain, the importance of enhancing efficiency and processes grows. Equipping essential logistical equipment such as AGVs, forklifts, trucks and cranes enables them to operate with increased efficiency and higher levels of safety.

Quanergy M1 2D LiDAR sensor – mid to long range

Quanergy M1

Next-generation 2D industrial LiDAR sensor for mid to long-range, high precision measurement applications. Up to 200 metres range, delivering 75% more data per second with extremely fine angular resolution down to 0.033°. M1 offers high-density point cloud data to reliably detect and measure objects with pinpoint accuracy. Low weight and compact form factor compact allow easy installation in tight, limited spaces, and IP69K rating protects against dust and water ingress for deployment in indoor and outdoor industrial environments.



Intelligent, flexible, and user-friendly, the TiM320 2D LiDAR sensor, in its compact IP65 enclosure, suits both mobile and stationary indoor applications.  And with a single unit capable of monitoring up to 235 m² it offers an extremely cost-effective sensing solution. Low power consumption of as little as 4 W and a scanning range of 4 m make TiM320 perfect for collision avoidance in automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) or presence monitoring in high-bay warehouses.

Robot platforms and drones

Mobile robots and drones require accurate, reliable, consistent measurement and navigation systems. LiDAR satisfies all of these needs, offering robust object detection and collision avoidance, enabling the autonomous platform to navigate with extreme precision.

SICK MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor


An efficient, all-around 3D LiDAR sensor with a robust enclosure for outdoor deployment, the MRS1000 is a multilayer laser scanner that reliably and accurately detects and measures objects swiftly, in multiple dimensions. A 275° horizontal FoV consisting of four layers enables large volumes of data to be collected from different angles, making MRS1000 ideally suited to outdoor navigation and collision avoidance applications.

Ouster OS2 long range LiDAR

Ouster OS2-64

The second-generation OS2-64 long-range LiDAR offers a leading combination of price, range and reliability. Engineered for performance and priced for large-scale deployment, its tight beam spacing and high beam density deliver sharp 3D images with 240 m range, well-suited to autonomous platforms on land or air. OS2-64 is designed to withstand the stress of all-weather environments with an IP rating of IP68/IP69K.

Blickfeld Cube Range 1 LiDAR sensor on a tripod

Blickfeld Cube Range 1

Delivering extra long-distance detection and high-precision measurements, this highly accurate LiDAR features an adaptable field-of-view and configurable scan pattern, providing a versatile sensing solution for autonomous platform applications. On-device pre-processing, associated recognition software and a compact form factor make Cube Range 1 a smart, flexible LiDAR that can be easily deployed in a range of environments.

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