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Meet Jon: Our New Marketing Executive

jon hall marketing executive

We’re pleased to introduce yet another new team member, Jon Hall, who joined Level Five alongside Sarah earlier this month. Jon is our dynamic new Marketing Executive, responsible for all outbound marketing and communications. This week is induction week – and boy is there a lot to learn! 

A seasoned marketer with particular experience in sport, events and agriculture, Jon brings passion, creativity and a well-groomed beard to the team. A fully paid-up member of the cult of geekery – from ancient mythology to sci-fi – his real passion is storytelling: a key marketing imperative. 

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work for a young, vibrant company with stacks of potential in a field that is going to prove essential to society in the coming years,” says Jon. “My horizons are being broadened by the minute!”

Over the next 12 months, Jon hopes to establish the foundations of what Level Five needs to flourish as a business, providing the sales and service teams with the necessary tools to succeed. “I look forward to working with the Level Five team to help the company achieve its enormous potential – and playing with all the wonderful toys!”

When he isn’t sifting lovingly through his treasured collection of Batman comics, Jon enjoys spending time with his partner, his children, and his dog. A keen martial arts enthusiast, Jon became the youngest karate black belt in the country at the age of 12. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.