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Neobotix USBoard: GUI Update

neobotix ultrasonic sensor system

Existing and potential users of the Neobotix USBoard, a system designed to connect up to 16 Bosch Parkpilot USS4 ultrasonic sensors, will be keen to learn about the latest update to its graphical user interface

With this program, USBoard settings can be comfortably changed and the current measured values ​​can be read and displayed. The USBoard GUI requires a PC with:

  • Microsoft Windows® 
  • RS-232 interface (COM port)
  • Java ® Runtime Environment 1.5 or later

The user interface can be started without installation by double-clicking the start.bat file. The GUI can also be used on machines with Linux or Mac OS. Be sure to use the file that is appropriate for your operating system.

Download the GUI here: 32-bit / 64-bit.