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New: Certus Range From Advanced Navigation

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Back in July 2019, Level Five Supplies formed a partnership with leading navigation systems provider Advanced Navigation, operating as an official distributor of its state-of-the-art MEMS GNSS/INS range for autonomy and robotics. 

Certus & Certus Evo

certus evo
Certus Evo

The company lately introduced two new MEMS GNSS/INS products: Certus and Certus Evo, both available from Level Five Supplies. These ruggedised miniature GPS-aided INS and AHRS devices are ideally suited to marine and land surveying, helicopters, antenna targeting, motorsport and robotics applications, offering offers precise positioning, velocity, acceleration and orientation – even under challenging conditions.

Both devices contain a dual-frequency RTK GNSS receiver accurate to within 8mm, along with Advanced Navigation’s groundbreaking sensor fusion filter, which uses human-inspired artificial intelligence. In addition, Certus Evo offers near FOG performance with reliable, temperature-calibrated MEMS sensors.

Globally unique

“The new Certus and Certus Evo are truly exceptional precision navigation systems. These units are already winning plaudits and taking on much better-known brands head-on,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO at Level Five Supplies. “Better still, the built-in, subscription-free, multi-constellation GPS with RTK, CAN bus interface, IMU and zero-delay cold-start (without any need for calibration) is globally unique.”

“We are really excited to support these products into the European market and look forward to working with our existing and new customers in the automotive, defence, aerospace and motorsport sectors.”

Want to test them? Great! We know they’ll win any head-to-head accuracy test against any navigation system under £50,000. Watch the video to find out more:

“The Certus range offers better performance and easier integration at a very competitive price point,” said Romain Pare, Head of Marketing at Advanced Navigation. “With Certus, we also introduce license-free multi-constellation RTK, making 8mm positioning accuracy affordable.”

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