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New Supplier: Seoul Robotics

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Level Five Supplies has formed a new supplier partnership with Seoul Robotics, innovators in 3D Perception AI and specialising in LiDAR perception software.  Their state of the art SENSR suite is available now; a 3D perception engine that adds next-generation, real-time, spatially precise sensing to your LiDAR sensors, unlocking their full potential.

“We’re delighted to be working with Seoul Robotics to bring the SENSR 3D perception engine to the UK and Europe,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five Supplies.

“The Seoul Robotics team began by producing LiDAR perception software for autonomous vehicles, an environment that demands the highest possible accuracy and reliability.  So, you can be confident that SENSR has the pedigree, capability, and dependability to perform to the most exacting standards, whether your arena is ADAS, Robotics, Smart Cities, or Security. The fact that no measure or record of any personally identifiable information is made by the system means that there are real opportunities for this technology to counter the challenges of Covid-19.”

SENSR detects, classifies, tracks, and predicts objects, differentiating between pedestrians, vehicles, and other objects within the sensed environment.  Each of the three SENSR variations is engineered for different applications:

SENSR M – Mobility – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, Robots

SENSR S – Smart Infrastructure – Factory Automation, Smart Traffic Control

SENSR I – Monitoring – Security, Pedestrian counting, Social Distancing Monitoring

“Seoul Robotics is bringing self-driving car technology to the security and monitoring industry to provide the high-performance perception that the current times require,” said Han Bin Lee, CEO of Seoul Robotics.

“Level Five Supplies have the expertise in, and understanding of, these technologies to be able to reach the markets that will benefit from them.  We’re pleased to be working with such a passionate, purposeful team and have no doubt that the partnership will be a valuable one for us and customers alike”.