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Ouster: Upcoming Changes to Products & Pricing

ouster sensors

San Francisco startup Ouster designs and manufactures superior high-resolution LiDAR technology for robotics, autonomous vehicles, mapping and more. With its focus on reducing costs, Ouster has already brought down the price of high-performance lidar by six times. As one of its official distributors based in the UK, we’re pleased to inform you of some of the exciting changes to its expanding product range and pricing. 

New releases

Ouster recently launched its brand new 128-channel LiDAR sensors, available in long-range, short-range and ultra-wide field of view. These new sensors represent a massive step forward for LiDAR technology and are available to purchase today, bringing its growing product range up to a total of nine different models. 

In addition, Ouster now offers four different beam pattern configurations for 32 and 64-channel sensors, designed to flexibly meet customers’ individual needs. Even beam spacing is the standard configuration on all 16, 32, and 64 beam sensors; however, with fewer beams, it can be helpful to cluster beams to achieve higher angular resolution in portions of the field of view.

ouster beam configurations
Beam spacing options for the OS1-16, 32, and 64


Pricing changes

Alongside its new product line-up, Ouster has also updated its price list, effective from 23 February. This new pricing structure takes into account commercial and non-profit pricing, beam spacing (uniform vs. non-uniform) and Gen 1 sensors. We’re pleased to be able to offer academic discounts to universities and non-profits on all Ouster sensors, with the exception of the OS0-32, OS1-16 and OS2-32. 

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