Blickfeld Cube Range 1 – extra long range LiDAR

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Blickfeld Cube Range 1 - extra long range LiDAR
Cube Range 1 3D LiDAR sensor delivers extra long-distance detection and high-precision measurements. This highly accurate LiDAR features an adaptable field-of-view and configurable scan pattern, providing a versatile sensing solution for numerous applications. No additional adapter boxes are required for operation and the point cloud interface ensures ease of use and configuration. On-device pre-processing, associated recognition software and a compact form factor make Cube Range 1 a smart, flexible LiDAR that can be easily deployed in a range of environments. Transform point cloud data into actionable insights with Percept - LiDAR perception software.
  • 250 metre max rnage
  • Configurable scan pattern
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Lightweight, compact form factor
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Information rich data
  • Intuitive web user interface
  • On-device motion detection and processing
  • Segmentation of data points
  • PTP and NTP time synchronisation
  • Built-in IMU

Long-distance scanning with high-precision 3D measurements

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