Blickfeld Percept – LiDAR perception software

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Blickfeld Percept - LiDAR perception software
Innovative and user friendly, Percept perception software enables the translation of raw point cloud data from Blickfeld LiDAR sensors into actionable insight for real-world applications, all within a web browser. Powerful algorithms, in combination with the Percept API, simplify value extraction from advanced 3D data and enable the quick creation of continuous real-time data processing workflows. Leveraging the power of Percept, you can build upon Blickfeld’s proven, state-of-the-art set of data analysis modules, offering the flexibility to choose those best suited to your application.  Percept is designed to enable users with limited or no experience in 3D data processing to be able to develop scalable solutions for a variety of use cases, such as crowd analytics, traffic management, and perimeter security.
  • Movement-based detection and tracking of objects including velocity information. Paths of tracked objects are visualized in the x-y plane
  • Point cluster-based classification. Object classification classes include pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle.
  • Zone-based object counting. Counting options include total number, objects passing through, and objects appearing and disappearing
  • Configurable point cluster-based occupancy detection
  • Configurable point cluster-based zone entry detection and alarm generation
  • Configurable MQTT or file-based data output

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