DCE Linear Actuator

£1,195.00 ex vat
DCE Linear Actuator
CAN bus controlled Linear Actuator from DC Electronics, with numerous options available. Required position and travel speed are broadcast as a J1939 CAN message, with the actuator responding to the target request within 0.1 mm accuracy.  Suitable as a direct steering actuator on small autonomous platforms or rudder control for marine applications.  Other automotive uses include the actuation of remote brake and clutch servos
  • Stroke lengths between 100 and 999 mm in 50 mm steps
  • Push/pull force of up to 6800 N
  • 160 mm per second max no load travel speed
  • 12, 24 or 48 V DC power supply
  • Internal brake locks actuator when powered off - disengaged when power is applied
  • Hand crank input to manually adjust actuator for redundancy
  • Overload protection through mechanical slip clutch
  • IP66 rating

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