Digital Eagle Multi-Function Anti-Virus Drone SK-62F

£9,950.00 ex vat

A multi-function professional UAV designed for use in policing, security, and public health with payload options ideal for deployment in open environments for monitoring, enforcement or spraying operations.

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The Digital Eagle SK-62F UAV is the multi-rotor professional drone solution ideal for deployment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Specifically engineered to enable enforcement in public areas and open spaces, the SK-62F easily and effectively patrols and monitors behaviour, such as social distancing, using the camera and loudspeaker payloads.  While the spraying system option enables aerosol delivery of liquids at a safe distance from operator and pedestrians.


  • Magnetic remote release delivery mechanism
  • HD camera
  • Detachable rotor
  • Flight route planning
  • Warning lights and siren
  • Loudspeaker
  • Remote Control
  • 2x 22mAh batteries powering up to 60 minutes continuous fight time


  • Wheelbase – 1,320mm
  • Payload – 6kg
  • Taking-off weight – <18kg
  • Taking-off & landing – VTOL
  • Cruising speed – 5-10m/s
  • Flight time – Up to 60 minutes
  • Power system – Battery
  • Navigation – GPS
  • Disinfectant capacity – 7L
  • Max level speed at sea level – 20m/s
  • Working height  – <1,000m
  • Wind resistance – max 10.7m/s
  • Rain resistance – 10-24.9mm
  • Working temperature – -25°C to 50°C
  • Battery – 6s 22,000mAh Lipo x2
  • Optional payload – Camera / Loudspeaker / Dropping and spraying system

Commercial operators in the UK will be required to provide details of their SRG1320 exemption.

ARPAS members eligible for a 5% discount.

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Data sheet

SK-62F data sheet