Kudan SLAM localisation and mapping software

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Kudan SLAM localisation and mapping software
Kudan SLAM is high-performance, commercial-grade localisation and mapping software that has the capability to leverage the full potential of multiple sensors, bringing maximum value to your platform regardless of configuration or use cases.
  • Compatible with numerous sensors, including 3D LiDAR, camera, time-of-flight, IMU, GNSS, and wheel odometry. 3D LiDAR or camera can be used as the primary sensor
  • Commercial grade performance with high accuracy, low processing time, maximum robustness, massive map scalability, robust system stability, low integration complexity, and cross-platform portability
  • Unlocks the potential of your system, offering considerably improved performance over alternative approaches
  • Sensor agnostic and highly flexible – compatible with countless requirements and configurations, maximising the performance of even the simplest, low-cost sensors
  • Ultimate flexibility of sensor requirements and configuration, no need to use expensive or complex sensors.

Kudan LiDAR SLAM - vehicle mounted mobile mapping

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Autonomous vehicles / ADAS vehicle location analytics
Industrial robotics including AGV and AMR
Smart Cities and IoT
Mapping, surveying and inspection
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