Ouster OS0-128 LiDAR Sensor

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Ouster OS0 ultra wide field of view LiDAR
With its 90º vertical field of view and minimum range of zero, the OS0-128 ultra-wide view digital LiDAR sensor from Ouster allows you to see more, creating uniformly spaced point clouds and pixel-aligned 2D camera images. Lightweight and modular, this ultra-wide view LiDAR sensor seamlessly integrates into your vehicle, drone or robot, with built-in IMU for SLAM algorithm support.    
  • Ultra-wide 90º vertical field of view
  • Built-in IMU for SLAM algorithm support
  • Lightweight, modular design for ease of integration into vehicle, drone, or robot
  • Powered by the L2X digital LiDAR system-on-a-chip for high performance processing and data output
  • L2X chip and dual returns capability enable object detection in all weathers and environments
  • IP 68/69K rugged, waterproof, robust to shock and vibration, and temperature rated from -40 ºC to +64 ºC
  • PTP and NMEA/PPS time synchronisation options
  • On-the-fly programming of frame rate and horizontal resolution
  • Fixed angle data measurement and multi-sensor crosstalk resistance
  • Output: range, intensity, reflectivity, ambient NIR, azimuth angle, time stamp

Ouster OS0 ultra-wide field of view LiDAR

Demonstrating how the OS0 gives close-range performance, all the way up to the platform’s edge. The pedestrians walk within one metre of the vehicle, with the OS0 providing complete visibility.

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Custom gradient or below-horizon configurations are available.

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