Quanergy MQ-8 flow management 3D LiDAR sensor

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Quanergy MQ8 flow management 3D LiDAR sensor
Part of Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform, MQ-8™ 3D LiDAR sensors meet the unique challenges of flow management applications that require accurate, high-volume people and vehicle tracking in the security, smart city, and smart spaces industries. Featuring a smart beam structure of narrowly spaced, asymmetric beams that delivers up to 70 metre continuous tracking range (140 metre diameter), a single MQ-8 sensor delivers up to 15,000 m2 coverage. The smart beams also provide a higher classification accuracy compared to traditional LiDAR systems, offering 360° scanning with flat mounting to maximise coverage and reduce installation time and costs.
  • Providing accurate and reliable results (< 3 cm range accuracy) even at the limits of the sensors range.  QORTEX DTC software enables continuous detection, tracking and classification of up to 250 objects at 10% reflectivity up to a range of  70 metres (140 metre diameter), with 95% accuracy
  • 360° horizontal field of view and 12.4° (-1.6° / -14°) vertical field of view for rapid and reliable scanning of large areas
  • 100 times the coverage of a camera-based system, a single MQ-8 sensor can cover an area of 15,000 m2
  • Immune to ambient lighting conditions, maintaining high performance even in extremely bright and low light environments
  • 0.03-0.13°, depending on the frame rate, to reliably detect objects with pinpoint accuracy
  • Continuous ID tracking across entire systems, such as shopping centres, airports, sports stadia
  • Rated up to IP69K against dust and water ingress

Meeting the unique challenges of flow management

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