SENSR – Smart 3D Perception Engine

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For security, smart cities, and area monitoring, the SENSR Software engine adds next-generation accurate sensing to your security network. With options to detect, classify and count pedestrians, 2 wheeled and 4-wheeled vehicles across complex spaces, indoors or out, day or night – it’s a key component to improving network intelligence for retail footfall, security and CCTV augmentation. With a powerful and flexible SDK and API, security contractors can easily connect the system to their own, set event zones, trigger events, and define parameters on the fly.  Stop press: Now updated with social distance monitoring plugin available.

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SENSR from Seoul Robotics, detects, classifies, tracks, and predicts objects from the connected Lidar sensors raw 3D point cloud data; segmenting ground, objects, and environment points.

Depending on the version, the system differentiates between:

  • Human (Pedestrian)
  • Four-wheel vehicle
  • Two-wheel vehicle (Cyclists & Motorcycles)
  • Other (unclassified) objects

The SENSR Suite

SENSR offers three variations to suit your requirements:

SENSR I – Monitoring

  • Designed to identify pedestrians
  • Anonymous people detection
  • Flawlessly track objects between multiple LiDARs


  • Perimeter security
  • Pedestrian counting
  • Visitor traffic heat mapping

SENSR M – Mobility

  • Detection (>150m)
  • Prediction (>3 seconds)
  • Classifies vehicles & pedestrians
  • Embedded


  • Autonomous vehicles
  • ADAS
  • Delivery robots

SENSR S – Smart Infrastructure

  • Accurate object volume and location (within 10cm)
  • Accurate orientation of vehicles (5° accuracy)


  • Smart Traffic Control
  • Factory Automation
  • Traffic collision and avoidance flow analysis

Existing Customers

  • BMW
  • Volvo
  • State of Michigan
  • South Korean Government

Locations include:

    • Ship Port (loading and unloading workers monitoring)
    • Nuclear Power Plants (Intruder detections)
    • Border Control
    • Airports (Outdoor intruder and indoor waiting queue analysis)
    • Retail, Distribution Centres
    • City intersections

Additional information


SENSR I – Monitoring, SENSR M – Mobility, SENSR S – Smart Infrastructure


Lidar Types16 (100m)32 (100m)32 (200m)64 (100m)64 (200m)
Object Detection Range (Radius)30m50m70m80m120m
InputPoint Cloud, CAN
Minimal Computing Requirement8 Core ARM + 512 CUDA Core for SENSR M&S
OutputPointwise Classification: Ground, Classified Objects, Non-Classified Objects
Tracking LengthUnlimited
Motion PredictionUp to 2 seconds
Classification4 Wheeled Vehicle (medium, large), 2 Wheeled Vehicle, Pedestrian
Detection AccuracyLocation: +/-10cm – Orientation +/- 5 degrees
Detection Speed1-20Hz
Data EncodingProtobuff 3 / TCP(Zero MQ)

SENSR Datasheet

SENSR 2.X user manual

SENSR in security white paper

Seoul Robotics SENSR SDK


Social Distance Monitoring


Pricing examples based on a single sensor.

Coverage area
(circular shape)
Range from sensor
(radius in metres)
Overall cost / SqM
(total over 3 years)
(annual license)
Sensor hardware
500 m212.5 metres£9.28£580£2900
2,000 m225 metres£5.32£1330£6650
7,500 m250 metres£2.84£2660£13300
30,000 m2100 metres£0.89£3320£16600
125,000 m2200 metres£0.26£3990£19950