SICK TiM361 2D LiDAR sensor – outdoor

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SICK TiM361 2D LiDAR sensor - outdoor
Intelligent, flexible, and user-friendly, the TiM361 2D LiDAR sensor, in its compact IP67 enclosure, suits both mobile and stationary outdoor applications.  And with a single unit capable of monitoring up to 235 m² it offers an extremely cost-effective sensing solution. Low power consumption of as little as 4 W and a scanning range of 10 m make TiM361 perfect for collision avoidance in automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) or presence detection in external environments. A ‘touch and teach’ program enables multiple scanning fields with the touch of a button.  16 pre-configured fieldsets - each with three fields; rectangular, radial, and free form - can be selected and evaluated via the input circuit, making deployment of the sensor swift and simple. The dimensions of the field shapes can be easily adjusted using the automated teaching program, which can be activated at the touch of a button – no connection to a computer required.

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