SICK TiM561 2D LiDAR sensor – outdoor

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SICK TiM561 2D LiDAR sensor - outdoor
The flexible, highly accurate TiM561 2D LiDAR sensor is a non-contact ranging solution with a 10-metre maximum reach and angular resolution of 0.33°, enabling precise measurement and monitoring within the scanning field. HDDM+ technology means that a 1,470 m² outdoor area can be reliably scanned regardless of surface or ambient light. Its compact form factor and IP67 rated industrial-strength design make it ideal for integration with small mobile platforms and AGVs, detecting sufficient properties based on landmarks in the environment to localise the vehicle. TiM561 outputs measurement data for each individual angle as a machine-readable data string (ASCII or binary).  All data – including object distance and signal strength – is relayed via USB or Ethernet interface, which can be visualised in SOPAS or imported into your specific application.

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