SICK TiM881A 2D LiDAR sensor – DistanceGuard

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SICK TiM881A 2D LiDAR sensor - DistanceGuard
The powerful combination of a SICK TiM series 2D LiDAR sensor and the DistanceGuard SensorApp makes the TiM881A a reliable and anonymous distance measurement solution. With an impressive 25 metre range, angular resolution of 0.33° and HDMM+ technology on board, the LiDAR hardware base provides a robust, highly accurate, non-contact scanning capability that is unaffected by environmental conditions or object surfaces. Detecting the number of, and/or distance between, pedestrians and objects within specified areas, the integrated DistanceGuard software issues a warning when minimum distances are breached, or maximum numbers reached.  This information is conveniently communicated via digital output or Ethernet interface, which also allows parameter adjustments to be made at short notice.

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