Sygnal – safety critical drive-by-wire

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Sygnal safety critical drive-by-wire
Sygnal Drive-by-Wire is the first by-wire control system developed for autonomous fleets.  Offering CAN-based control of accelerator, brake, and steering, the solution has been designed for rigorous on-road systems at a competitive price point that scales swiftly with volume. A straight replacement for Kia Soul and Kia Niro currently equipped with Polysync or OSCC, Sygnal DBW has direct compatibility with existing Open Source Car Control API allowing you to upgrade software at your own pace.
  • Safety-critical - engineered from first principles to meet the demanding requirements of safety-critical systems
  • Solid-state - proprietary solid-state circuitry performs all signal multiplexing without the use of relays
  • Automotive-grade - redundancy, automotive-grade components, and extensive diagnostics ensure that Sygnal DBW is ready for use on-road. Traceability records maintained for 10 years
  • Extraordinary cost efficiency - lowest purchase cost in the industry that scales rapidly with volume. Sygnal can be moved between vehicles as they are retired, protecting your investment and paying dividends for years to come

Safety critical drive-by-wire control systems for autonomous vehicle fleets

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