Valeo Mobility Kit – Near Field LiDAR

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Valeo Near Field LiDAR
A high performance, high-resolution plug and play Mobility Kit enabling users to easily interface with the Valeo near field LiDAR A4 sensor, acquiring depth-intensity-image and point cloud via Ethernet. Ideal for low-speed manoeuvring and cold-start use cases, near field LiDAR creates a 3D near field cocoon to complement camera and radar detection, determining the full shape of objects and obstacles, especially in blind spots and at close range. The sensor provides a wide 78° x 110° field of view and sharp pointcloud volume precision.
  • High-resolution pointcloud - outstanding precision with 0.4° vertical and horizontal resolution, at up to 25 fps
  • Wide field of view - capturing 78° vertical and 110° horizontal, from as close as 5 cm and as far as 30 m
  • Scalable architecture - design enables optimal coverage, sensor synchronisation, and pointcloud fusion across multiple sensors
  • Smart design – robust solid-state build and compact form allow east integration in numerous positions around the platform
  • Blooming correction - eliminates glare from highly reflective objects

Accelerate ADAS and autonomy with Valeo

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