Level Five introduces Seoul Robotics ‘Discovery’ to Europe

Jon Hall

7th May 2021

Seoul Robotics Discovery LiDAR perception system

Level Five Supplies is committed to offering the best technology to our customers. For this reason, a new partnership has been announced with Seoul Robotics to commercialise ‘Discovery’ – its first-of-a-kind LiDAR Processing Unit (LPU) –  in the European market. In the words of HanBin, CEO of Seoul Robotics, “3D sensors are revolutionizing far more industries beyond autonomous driving, and we are seeing a growing interest from companies looking to gain more accurate and comprehensive data to solve long-standing business challenges”.

One of these challenges is implementing LiDAR technology. Many companies find the need for a plug-and-play system when implementing this technology. This is where Discovery not only solves the matter but shortens and eases the process of turning any LiDAR sensor into an IoT device that comes with both hardware and software components for a quick set up. Discovery is powered by SENSRTM and can work along with any LiDAR sensor in the Level Five Supplies portfolio.


Discovery from Seoul Robotics, LiDAR made easy

Seoul Robotics, the 3D computer vision company, use AI and machine learning to power the future of mobility


SENSR detects, classifies, tracks, and predicts objects, differentiating between pedestrians, vehicles, and other objects within the sensed environment.  Each of the three SENSR variations is engineered for different applications:

  • SENSR M – Mobility – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Autonomous Vehicles, Robots
  • SENSR S – Smart Infrastructure – Factory Automation, Smart Traffic Control
  • SENSR I – Monitoring – Security, Pedestrian counting, Social Distancing Monitoring

Solutions for the future today

The development of autonomous vehicles is gaining momentum within the European market. In addition to vehicle applications, customers will also have the opportunity through Discovery to develop solutions that support the future of autonomous mobility. These solutions, including pedestrian monitoring and smart city installations, will play a crucial role in creating a safer and more efficient environment for autonomous vehicles.

Discovery turns LiDAR into a plug and play device

Discovery turns LiDAR into a plug-and-play device


HanBin, Seoul Robotics’ CEO also said “No other solution on the market is as cost-effective and easy to use as Discovery. Our partnership with Level Five Supplies will enable more European businesses to easily and quickly gather 3D data, bringing an additional dimension of insights to operations and accelerating the growth of autonomous mobility.”

“Traditionally, 3D software is challenging to make readily available to companies, but Discovery is changing the game, making it easier than ever for companies to gain this valuable data,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, our CEO. “We are always looking to offer our customers the most advanced autonomy solutions on the market, and Discovery will revolutionize the way European businesses access these insights.”

The future is promising and this partnership will bring cutting-edge technology to the European market and at Level Five Supplies, we are proud of being involved in this challenge.