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Special offer on Kaarta Contour

Kaarta Contour in use

During Intergeo online in October, Kaarta were offering a show special 25% discount on their all-in-one mobile 3D colour scanning and processing system, Kaarta Contour – Level Five Supplies are delighted to be able to continue this special offer for a limited time.

Kaarta Contour is an all-in-one mobile 3D colour-scanning and processing system, providing real-time 3D modelling from input to output. Significantly swifter than terrestrial laser scanners, Contour specialises in the capture of small and complicated spaces. A hand-held solution for mobile mapping; a scan of a regular 10,000 sq m space can be completed in as little as 2.5 hours. Contour’s onboard touchscreen interface displays the model in real-time while allowing you to pause and resume, user-friendly features that increase the efficiency of any surveying task.

 You can find more about this powerful mobile mapping solution on the Kaarta Contour product page

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