Three months to go

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley

19th November 2018

Exciting times here at Level Five as we are now only 3 months away from launching our brand new autonomous vehicle technology distribution arm: Level Five Supplies.

It’s been a few months since we decided to extend our business towards technology distribution, but it makes sense.  While we’ve always been big fans of the team at AutonomouStuff, as the established market leader, we want to do things a little differently.

We want to offer alternatives, new ideas and approaches, to maintain the required pace of change, innovation and creativity demanded in our sector.  With their acquisition by one of their suppliers Hexagon PI, earlier this year, it seemed more important than ever to ensure that choice was maintained and even widened further. Ultimately, any novel method to accelerate the development of safer roads should be encouraged.

The autonomous vehicle development ecosystem has grown at a remarkable pace over the past decade, and 2019 won’t be any different but for the addition of a new distributor with a fresh perspective.

We’ve been busy working to secure a good number of new suppliers, including many that have not been widely seen before, whose products are as innovative as they are exciting – as well as several that are bringing brand new products in to the marketplace, launching them with us before anyone else!

We will also be working with some very established technology and automotive companies that have developed new products with fantastic potential, proven on autonomous vehicle R&D programmes.

Customers want choice, new suppliers want to be seen, competition is good – so here we are.

It’s not just about telling hardware, we’re also committing to supporting education and outreach programmes, non-profit groups and meetups, so the next generation of engineers and technologists, which this industry is so in need of, can start improving their skills and even start getting their hands on equipment.  More on that next year.

Our initial focus is the US market, but if you’re not there, don’t worry – we’ll be widening our footprint to Europe and elsewhere as well.  While our offices are based in the UK, we have a great team that spans both sides of the Atlantic and will grow with the business.

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