Vehicle Platforms

We offer custom engineering and fitting services and can integrate any of the following vehicles with

Drive-by-wire systems provide electronic and software control over a vehicle’s steering, accelerator and brake. Out-of-the-box systems are designed for specific vehicles, to ensure safe and fully functional use, but customisation is often available to fit vehicles not listed. Irrespective of whether you are developing a fleet use-case, upgrading or replacing your existing system, or developing a vehicle from the start, we have a variety of solutions to suit. Our team are well versed in the standards and guidelines applicable to the ever growing autonomy eco-system, so you can be confident that any work we carry out will be compliant


Kia Niro

Sygnal drive-by-wire control

Sygnal Drive-by-Wire is the first by-wire control system developed for autonomous fleets.  Offering CAN-based control of accelerator, brake, and steering, the solution has been designed for rigorous on-road systems at a competitive price point that scales swiftly with volume.

A straight replacement for Kia Soul and Kia Niro currently equipped with Polysync or OSCC, Sygnal DBW has direct compatibility with existing Open Source Car Control API allowing you to upgrade software at your own pace.

DC Electronics

Nissan E NV200

DCE drive-by-wire control

Based in Essex, England, DC Electronics is a leading supplier of custom-built electrical systems for the motorsport industry, including Formula 1, Formula E, WEC, WRC, World Rallycross, and national level club competition. Providing every aspect of electrical systems, including wiring looms and hardware; DC Electronics also offers a unique range of electronic power-assisted steering products.

Renault Zoe

Pneumatic brake actuator

A dual-channel, fully redundant brake control unit for autonomous vehicles fitted with an air brake system. This unit can be used in combination with the existing brake system, or on its own.

Renault Twizy

Steer-by-wire EPAS kit

Ideal for use on 12V DC vehicles that are solely required to be steered autonomously, the fully autonomous steer-by-wire kit is designed to be used in vehicles without a safety driver.  Override is through software control only, so customers must ensure their safety over-rides are robust as this system is not designed for a safety driver to manually override steering.


Ford Ranger

Dataspeed drive-by-wire kit

A complete drive-by-wire platform, the Dataspeed By-Wire Kit is an integrated hardware and software solution that provides smooth, continuous electronic control of a vehicle’s brake, throttle, steering and shifting.

Designed to enable testing for autonomous vehicle applications, the kit can access the vehicle’s control system and CAN bus messaging, with minor modifications to production parts, and without impairing safety features.

Located in Metro, Detroit, Dataspeed is a global leader in by-wire technology, with over 450 Drive-by-Wire Kits installed.

We also accept custom projects. Fitting and additional engineering services are available. If you have a specific vehicle you’d like to add drive-by-wire to, please contact us.

We are actively working with suppliers to integrate other vehicles using these established systems, including vehicles in the VW, Renault / Nissan, KIA and Ford ranges, but don’t feel that needs to restrict your imagination!  We also work with systems that can be fitted to almost anything else, from off-road vehicles to dirigible boats.

Our team work to the highest standard of support and operational quality. That’s why we are ISO9001 certified, and work with industry leading partners to provide the best products and services.