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Level Five Supplies Launches Partnership with Ergoneers

German eye-tracking and vehicle simulator specialists Ergoneers have signed with Level Five Supplies as their UK partner.

“It’s a pleasure to represent Ergoneers’ excellent technical solutions in our domestic market,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five Supplies. “Human-machine interface research, as well as a steadily more scientific approach to human-operated machinery on the road towards autonomy, means that eye tracking, attention measurement and immersive simulation are key components in the testing and development phase of new vehicles and interfaces.”

Founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the Department of Ergonomics of the Technical University of Munich, Ergoneers is an internationally important partner for the transport and automotive industries, as well as market research and usability, science and research, and sports and biomechanics.

Roland Spies, Ergoneers CEO said: “Ergoneers is happy to establish this partnership with Level Five Supplies and getting a new professional partner in the automotive area. Our product portfolio with the sensor fusion software platform D-LAB for behavioral research and our eye tracking hardware together with our Vehicle Testing Kit are generating a perfect fit with the expertise of Level Five Supplies.”

vehicle testing kit
Ergoneers’ Vehicle Testing Kit

Level Five will focus on three core hardware products, to include Dikablis Eye Trackers – a wearable eye-tracking solution for lab use, VTK – an in-car eye-tracking recording system that can be expanded to include vehicle benchmarking and naturalistic driving studies using the well established Intel Mobileye platform, and Sim-Lab – a flexible car simulator system to deliver an immersive laboratory testing environment.

Software support will also be available from Level Five Supplies in the form of D-Lab, Ergoneers’ well-established software solution for eye-tracking in automotive development, as well as physiological research. The D-Lab SensorFusion platform allows studies to analyse human behavior versus the autonomous system, then adjust it and pave the way for relaxed, autonomous driving.

Watch the Ergoneers D-Lab Video and Eye Tracking usability study below:

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