Outsight Augmented LiDAR Box

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Integrate point cloud data into your application with ease with the world’s first LiDAR pre-processor.

Outsight’s Edge AI software processes immense amounts of raw 3D LiDAR data in real-time, providing an efficient stream of actionable information in a standard, open format, enabling transformative solutions for a range of industries.

All this power is contained within the Augmented LiDAR Box (ALB), a compact, sensor agnostic device that integrates seamlessly into vehicles and infrastructure.  Whether you are prototyping or in series production, you can add real-time pre-processing software to your application swiftly and simply.

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Armed with just a web browser you can unlock plug and play spatial intelligence.


Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping – Six degrees of freedom 3D SLAM | Relative and absolute relocalisation | Digital gimbal | Ego-Motion and localisation

Point-wise perception – Real-time super-resolution | Free, walkable and drivable space | Learning-less classification | Full vector velocity per point

Object detection and tracking – Position with persistent ID | Integrated centroid and bounding box | Velocity and trajectory prediction | Classification | Rigid and deformable objects

Application primitives – embedded application-level features, useful for numerous end-user applications, make it simple to build your own



  • Outdoor logistics automation
  • Last-mile delivery
  • Material handling automation
  • Off-road mobile robots
  • ADAS and robotaxis
  • Robotics research and prototyping
  • Intelligent Transporation Systems
  • Pedestrian flow monitoring
  • 3D volume measurement



LiDARHigh-density D-SUB 15 pins, DE15 maleData transfer and LiDAR power
EthernetM12 x 1 coded industrial ethernet connector femaleData transfer to host PC
GPS inputShielded connector M8 x 1 type, 6 pins, female contactsOptional
Status LED
PowerM12 x 1 T codedPower for ALB and LiDAR


Dimensions with mounting pads and connectors5.93 x 13.55 x 13.72 cm
Dimensions without mounting pads4.9 x 10.86 x 11.8 cm
Weight0.69 Kg


ALB power supply voltageMinimum


8 V

32 V

Power consumption – LiDAR power not includedMaximum15 W
LiDAR power supply output (12 V setting)Minimum voltage

Maximum voltage

Maximum current

11.5 V

12.5 V

4 A

LiDAR power supply output (24 V setting)Minimum voltage

Maximum voltage

Maximum current

23 V

25 V

2 A


Ingress protectionIP65 when appropriate cables are connected or with waterproof connector caps
Operating temperature (ambient)-25°C – 50°C
Storage temperature-40°C – 85°C
Electrical safetyIEC / EN 62368-1:2014
Shock / vibrationIEC 60068-2-27:2008

50 g, 11 ms, +- 3 unique impacts / axe

25 g, 6 ms, +- 1000 impacts / axe

50 g, 3 ms, +- 5000 impacts / axe

IEC 60068-2-6:2007 and IEC 60068-2-64:2008

10 Hz – 1000 Hz

10 Hz – 500 Hz, 5 g, 20 frequency cycles

10 Hz – 250 Hz, 4.42 g RMS, 5 h

EMI / EMCIEC / EN 55032:2012 / AC:2013, class A

IEC / EN 55024:2010

FCC 47Cfr part 15B, class A

CertificationsFCC, RoHS, CE


The Augmented LiDAR box comes with the following, non-waterproof, accessories:

Cable and power supply unit – M12 x 1 T coded 1.5-metre cable. 18 V 60 W class 2 power supply

ALB – LiDAR interface box Y cable – D-SUB 15P female 2 1.5-metre cable. RJ45 8P8C male and DC plug 5.5*2.1

Ethernet cable – M12 8P plug, cable TPU Flx inline to RJ45.  2 metres



Additional information

Weight0.69 kg
Dimensions4.9cm x 10.86cm x 11.8cm

Data sheet and downloads

Outsight Augmented LiDAR Box data sheet LR [PDF]

Outsight Augmented LiDAR Box for SLAM and Ego-Motion [PDF]

Outsight Augmented LiDAR Box for Intelligent Transportation Systems LR [PDF]


Connecting Ouster LiDAR to the Augmented LiDAR Box

Spatial intelligence for airport operations

Traffic monitoring and classification

Comparing 3D SLAM processed data from ALB and raw data


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