European leaders in robotics, Robotnik link up with Level Five

Jon Hall

26th August 2020

Robotnik lead Europe in autonomous robotics

Level Five Supplies has formed a new supplier partnership with Robotnik Automation, European leaders in mobile robots.

Founded in Spain in 2002, Robotnik designs builds and markets mobile robots and manipulators, setting the standard for mobile robotics in Europe with products that are used around the world. Their robots offer solutions in a variety of sectors including, research and development, defence, inspection and maintenance, and industrial logistics.

The forefront of autonomous mobile robots 

Robotnik has been at the forefront of autonomous robot design and manufacture since the launch of their first Collaborative Mobile Robots in 2008, a time where the use of such solutions was far less ubiquitous than now. The intervening years of experience, research and development have resulted in a range of quality robotic platforms for countless applications – from the compact, omnidirectional RB-1 BASE ideal for r&d and prototyping, to RB-VULCANO BASE, a heavyweight, robust platform for challenging, industrial environments.

All of the Robotnik platforms are based on:

  • Ease of set up and installation
  • High levels of safety to ensure the ability to share workspaces with pedestrians
  • Automation of repetitive or unsafe processes 
  • Various localisation solutions to suit the intended application
  • Flexible routes as opposed to the fixed routes of traditional AGVs
  • Advanced intelligence functions, including; pedestrian following, docking to machinery, voice communication
  • An advanced user interface that generates maps and defines localisation (waypoints) and routes in a simple and interactive way
  • Fleet Management System for the optimal coordination of a fleet of robots that share a workspace and a set of resources

“We’re proud to work with another European company on the forefront of robotics, and are looking forward to connecting our fantastic customer-base with this wide range of flexible platforms running on ROS, ” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, founder of Level Five Supplies. “Robotnik’s range of accessible and flexible systems provide a great variety of applications and environments that can be explored and worked in remotely and autonomously.”