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Powered wheels add Omni-directionality to your mobile robot

Neobotix drive module for omnidirectional platforms

Omni Drive Modules, from leading robotics manufacturer, Neobotix, are now available from Level Five Supplies.

Strength and Manoeuvrability

Ideal for omnidirectional robotic platforms, Omni Drive Modules are powered wheels that are simple to install and can be easily customised to fit your mobile robot, providing impressive manoeuvrability for even the most complex handling and co-ordination tasks. 

Neobotix robot equipped with omnidrive modules
The Neobotix MPO700 mobile robot is equipped with four Omni Drive Modules

Two independent brushless servo motors and two digital drive amplifiers allow the wheel to turn through 360°, enabling omnidirectional movement that can be changed while the robot is in motion.  A combination of efficient design and high-power means that the module can support a payload of up to 150Kg in challenging, space-limited environments.

Unique robots for demanding applications

Over 10 years experience of designing, developing and manufacturing mobile robots has enabled Neobotix to successfully engineer these components to require minimal maintenance, proving their worth in numerous service robot applications around the world, particularly in unstructured and narrow environments.

The modules ease of use, robust nature and compact, flexible design also make them the ideal option for robotics research and those looking for affordable, quality components to build their own robot vehicle.

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