Valeo Mobility Kit – 2MP fisheye ETH/GSML2 camera

750,00 ex vat
Valeo 2MP Camera
When it comes to performance and safety, image is everything. Valeo's 2MP fisheye ETH is an ultra-robust, automotive-grade camera, delivering high-quality images in all environmental conditions, and providing sharp images across the whole range, from below freezing to high temperatures. This ROS compatible perception solution kit contains everything required to easily integrate the cameras with the majority of development platforms.
  • Easy integration - compact form factor enables flexible integration with a wide range of applications
  • Mature sensor technology - 2 MP resolution with a frame rate of 30 FPS from automotive series production
  • Best in class HDR - 120 dB HDR provides the highest quality image for complex use cases
  • Wide field of view - fisheye lens for 195° horizontal and 155° vertical field of view
  • Lens distortion correction - removes the fish-eye effect, flattening the image

Accelerate ADAS and autonomy with Valeo

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