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Introducing Ouster Studio

On 16th July 2019, Ouster announced the launch of Ouster Studio – a new plug-and-play software package for visualising, recording, and analysing Ouster LiDAR data. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, Ouster Studio will work with your OS1-16 or OS1-64 sensor to prepare data for evaluation within minutes. 

Download Ouster Studio here

Visualise, record and analyse your data

With Ouster Studio, you can visualise point clouds, range data, signal intensity and ambient imagery captured using Ouster’s CMOS sensor. All playback modes are supported. Once you have the visualisation running, you simply press the red record button on the bottom toolbar.

The software is designed for testing and evaluation; recording more than a few minutes of data per file is not recommended. Find out more in the User Guide

The new Ouster Studio interface
The new Ouster Studio interface

Using Ouster’s suite of analytical tools, you can crop your returns, measure return intensity, analyse relative distances and more.

Follow these links to download sample data and access the configuration file.  

Ouster’s cutting-edge multi-beam flash LiDAR sensors are already in use by hundreds of customers in the autonomous vehicle industry. Explore the range