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Introducing Toposens: 3D Ultrasonic Sensors

Toposens TS3 Package

Level Five Supplies is pleased to announce a new partnership with Toposens: the first company to bring 3D ultrasonic sensors to the market.

Toposens is an exciting company offering a revolutionary new approach to a very well-established sensing technology – ultrasonic. Level Five is pleased to be able to offer both individual sensors for indoor robotics developers, as well as automotive development kits for future vehicle research and development.

The next generation of sensors

Automotive Development Kit
Automotive Development Kit

“It’s great to bring yet another innovation to the UK market. Having first met them in 2016, it’s been great to watch the company’s journey and developing maturity in the sensor ecosystem,” said Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO of Level Five Supplies. “There’s no doubt that Toposens sensors represent the next generation of sensors for all kinds of intelligent machines, and we are pleased to help them reach that goal.”

Level Five Supplies will be working with Toposens to supply its TS3 close-range 3D ultrasonic sensor, hailed as the next step in robotic perception, along with the Automotive Development Kit for ADAS applications. In addition to measuring the distance to an object, 3D ultrasonic sensors can also calculate the horizontal and vertical position of an object relative to the sensor itself, allowing for opening angles of up to 180°.

A natural partner for the UK market 

Tobias Bahnemann
Tobias Bahnemann, Co-Founder & CEO

“Level Five Supplies is a natural partner for the UK market, with an expanding network of robotics and automotive customers. Their particular passion for autonomous vehicles works really well for our product timeline,” said Tobias Bahnemann, Co-Founder & CEO of Toposens. “Of course, knowing Alex beforehand is a great help and reassures us that working with his dynamic and ambitious company is a good strategic decision to help our own growth and visibility in an exciting market.” 

“The conversation around working together started long before Brexit and will continue long after – and of course, we are pleased to work with a company that is also international in its thinking.”

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Toposens, helping to bring top-of-the-line 3D ultrasonic sensors to the British market and beyond. 

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