Enabling autonomy for a digital future

Autonomous technology is advancing every day, poised to transform mobility as we know it. Yet technology developers and system integrators report that technology is hard to find and difficult to purchase in the volumes needed for R&D. Level Five Supplies was founded to solve this problem, closing the gap in the industry supply chain to deliver specialist products, services and platforms to the people that need them. 

At Level Five Supplies, our mission is to provide the best products and solutions to developers working with autonomous vehicles to drive progress forward and support R&D. We work with groundbreaking suppliers from around the world to bring you a curated selection of cutting-edge technology with transparent pricing plans and rental options to suit your budget. From sensors and positioning to data storage and drive-by-wire, we’re here to support your journey with expert guidance, training and practical advice. 

Progressive. Passionate. Purpose-driven.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer superior customer experience and exceptional value. For us it’s about more than producing technical spec sheets; we want to share our experiences and bring our customers into a wider family of technical experts supporting one another to get the basics right and discover new ways of doing things. We’re always looking for original ideas and fresh approaches, partnering only with companies who want to do the same.

Endorsed by the Knowledge Transfer Network and Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Level Five Supplies supports established and emerging manufacturers in the UK and internationally, acting as a partner and distributor to make autonomy-enabling technology accessible and affordable. With various finance options and micro-grants available, we’re leveling the playing field to help small outfits and academics get started with autonomous vehicles.