Meet the Team

Experienced, well connected, on a mission.

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley

Founder & CEOalex level five supplies

Alex is the founder and CEO of Level Five Supplies.

He co-created Self-Driving Track Days, the world’s first autonomous test track and training events, and supported the development of AutoSens, the world’s leading automotive perception technology conference. A former media professional, Alex spent more than a decade working in TV, including five years at the BBC where we contributed to Webby and Emmy award-winning projects. He’s been a board member in several organisations in the transport, charitable and private sectors, enjoys playing cricket for his home town of Frome and plays county-level Badminton for Somerset.

Tim Rogers


tim rogers

Tim Rogers is Chairman of Level Five Supplies, as well as a number of other companies in the advanced engineering sector. With around 25 years’ experience in the automotive, renewable and petrochemical industries, Tim is a highly motivated and intuitive business leader whose product development, international marketing and business management skills make him a valuable asset to the Level Five team. Tim derives his greatest satisfaction from managing startups at their earliest inception.

Tim Dawkins

Operations Manager

tim dawkins

Tim Dawkins is our resident Autonomous Driving & Mobility expert at Level Five. Tim has an impressive portfolio of automotive, technology and motorsport consulting clients from his previous consulting role, and a host of related certifications in cybersecurity, machine vision, warfare & counter-terrorism. His work has familiarised him with cutting-edge vehicle technologies, working with suppliers and technology companies to develop successful business development strategies. Tim is a renowned expert in ADAS and autonomous driving analysis, and is currently studying an MBA.