Mars Mini V2 parachute for drones up to 1.8Kg

140,00 ex vat
Mars Mini V2 drone parachute
Protect your multi-rotor UAV with the Mars Mini V2 drone parachute system. Lightweight, compact and easy to use, the Mars Mini V2 is the second generation of the Mini platform providing 36″ of ballistic parachute safety and support. A high energy compression spring and new compact, vented canister design enable rapid parachute deployment for smaller drones with a maximum weight of 1.8Kg, with the multiple mounting patterns making the system suitable for a range of different makes and models.  This universality is reinforced by the range of available Mars accessories including, quick release option for ease of transport and storage and the Mayday auto-deployment system, making the Mars Mini V2 the safety system of choice for the majority of lightweight multi-rotor drones. Combine with the Mayday Auto Deployment system and Nova manual deployment system for the ultimate drone safety solution.

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